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Government Guaranteed Home Assisted Mortgage-GGHAM

What is the Government Guaranteed Home Assisted Mortgage (GGHAM)

The GGHAM is a program funded by the Government to assist Caymanians with home ownership by guaranteeing 35% of the deposit required to service a mortgage.

How does the GGHAM work?

The GGHAM Program is a great way for home ownership for persons with the financial means to qualify for a mortgage from a private bank but lack the required capital injection deposit to achieve home ownership. Under this program applicants can qualify for up to 100% of the loan amount, including closing costs providing that the total amount does not exceed the current market value of the home being purchased.  Total combine/single income should not exceed CI$75,000. It’s important that potential homeowners give careful thought to the cost and responsibilities of buying a home. NHDT recommends that each of its clients seek financial counseling to become informed of various cost related to home ownership. Some of these include:

  • House insurance (monthly/annual)
  • Life Insurance   (monthly/annual)
  • Mortgage payment (monthly)
  • House repair (periodically)
  • Utilities: – Light Bill (monthly) Water Bill (monthly)


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