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About Us

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The Mission of the National Housing Development Trust of the Cayman Islands (NHDT) is to construct and provide affordable homes in planned communities, offer easier financing opportunities and provide management system that adds security, value and ownership that imparts a sense of pride in hard working Caymanians that are placed in the low and middle income category.

Similarly, the Vision of the National Housing Development Trust seeks to ensure:

Board of Directors’ Vision

The Board of Directors’ vision for NHDT is to provide the Cayman Islands with a well structured, efficiently managed organization who is fair and prudent in its selection processing of eligible applicants for affordable homes offered by NHDT.  To identify the housing needs of low-income Caymanians and to proceed with the processing of future development of affordable home that will contribute to the economic development of the Cayman Islands.  To administer the Government Guaranteed Home Assisted Mortgage Program in collaboration with the commercial banks to provide financing to Caymanian whose income level is classified as low-to-middle income.

Managements’ Mission

The Management’s mission is to continue the NHDT as a non-profit organization focused on providing services to private individuals, local government, and developers in a professional manner.  Continue to manage the lease portfolio of the Trust and to offer counseling to clients as it becomes necessary.  To seek out additional funding for future development of low-income housing that have been identified as an imperative relationship with local contractors I the development of new homes for low-income persons in our community.  To ensure that the Government Guaranteed Home Assisted Mortgage Programme is managed in an efficient and prudent manner.

Retention of competent, trained and highly motivated staff is seen as the cornerstone of the Trust’s core values. The Trust is established under a governance model which includes a Board of Directors at the top, to whom the General Manager reports. The Trust is currently organized into a number of operating Units, each led by a Manager or Supervisor – all of whom report to the General Manager:

  1. Mortgages & Housing coordination;
  2. Property Management & Projects operations;
  3. Administration & Finance.

Building quality communities one affordable home at a time